Privacy Policy

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Before utilizing any product or service offered by a firm, it's crucial to review its privacy policy. A transparent policy furnishes clearness on the agreement between the client and the firm, decreasing any possibility of discrepancies. At Flio Travels, we comprehend the significance of transparent policies and enable you to inspect our privacy policy. We appreciate your relations with us and want you to have a seamless experience on our site while sticking to guidelines. By heeding our policies and guidelines, you can rely on us to securely handle your data. We likewise furnish you with an understanding of your duties as a user of our website. We advise examining our policies before utilizing any of our products or services. If you conflict with any of our policies, we suggest you abstain from utilizing our site. Nonetheless, by using our website, you consent to accept our enterprise policies.


Here are some guidelines to follow:

Data is a vital origin of information that enables us to strategize and evolve our company services. Without accurate data display and control, we cannot present you with enhanced services and products in your future trades with us. At our organization, we comprehend the importance of information security and ensure the secure supply and control of your information to protect your consumer rights. Your data, including basic info such as your name, date of birth, and sex, is gathered when you visit our website and enter the search engine while booking a getaway. Again, we also collect your data when you register as a user on our site.

Utilization Of Intellectual Property

Our site boasts an outstanding assemblage of high-quality content, pictures, logos, signs, and other forms of intellectual property. It's imperative to note that all of these elements are protected by copyright laws. We kindly suggest against reusing any posted content or data for commercial ambitions without pursuing prior consent. Any unauthorized usage of our intellectual property that consequence in certain damage to our reputation may require compensation.

Maintaining Security

We prioritize the security and protection of your data and take different actions to control any sort of abuse or leakage. Our multilayered database system assures that all the data you provide on our web page stays safely and securely held. Pass to your information is exclusively granted to official personnel after considerable verifications to maintain the most elevated level of security.

Upgrade Without Notification & Share Data With Law Enforcing Firms

We are determined to protect your data and aim to assure that it is not shared with any third party. Though, there may be cases where we are required by law enforcement firms to disclose your data. In such possibilities, we will not be held liable for conceding with the directive.

Price Difference Is Subject To The Industry Norms

The costs of our services or products are subject to market trends, and as an outcome, the stated price on our site may differ. You may be required to spend more or less than the price displayed on our site.

Reserve Rights To Utilize Your Data For Promotional And Advertising Campaigns

We ensure that your private information is held safe and never shared in any way, but we reserve the privilege to utilize it for promotional and advertising campaigns. It's essential to note that demanding compensation for such use is not entitled. We have streamlined the above points to ensure they are effortless to comprehend and follow. We kindly request that you study these guidelines before making any conclusions concerning the use of our website.